Yacht "notos"

Yacht "notos"

Breeze & sun in November

Sailing with Notos Junior! Breeze & sun in November!

Sailing with Notos Junior

Sailing with Notos Junior sunny nevember day!

Still sailing!

October almost came to its end but we are still sailing! Keep walking with:

Nice sunny weather today.

Nice sunny weather today. Stop at the Thodorou Island to have a look at amazing Kri-Kri :)

Enjoying speed and comfort of a motor yacht.

Enjoying speed and comfort of a motor yacht Feretti this sunny Sunday!

Feel breeze.

Although the weather has changed a bit we still can enjoy some sailing with Notos. Feel breeze

Autumn sailing has it own beauty!

Autumn sailing has it own beauty! Try it out with

Oh, summer is over!

Oh, summer is over! But we still have hot sunny days full of sailing, swimming and fresh air ahead! Keep sailing with 

A big tuna-fish is travelling with us today! Thank you for a good company! We hope you will never be canned!


Changes in our everyday program are always welcomed! Swimming in Stavros today!

Although the 15/08 is passed we are still happy to be fully booked. Alwsys nice interesting person on the board of !!

Enjoying sailing and a light see breeze with a sailing boat Notos. notos-sailing.com

Really hot august days. Fully booked weeks, a lot of sun, waves and interesting people. Enjoy august with notos-sailing.com
Speed & luxury! Travelling with a motor boat Ferretti today with 

Fresh breeze and sea waves indulge us on a board of Notos! Stay cool with notos-sailing.com

Sailing every day with our guests this week. Sun, sea and sailing - what can be better for your vacations? Enjoy with 


Gramvousa and Balos

Today our menu says swimming in crystal waters Gramvousa and Balos lagoon. Enjoy a day cruise on a motor-yacht with notos-sailing.com


After some windy days we are again on board drinking wine and having a good time with our guests! Join 


Μια γεματη μερα!

Cape Spatha

No wind for sailing...bat e beautiful sunrise!

Sailing with the boat "Anafi"

Αντίο Χανιά!

Πορεία ΒΔ


Even in winter it is fantastic to sail and to enjoy the colours of sunsent