Yacht "notos"

Yacht "notos"

Epiphany day

This year we had a wonderful weather and lots of friends enjoyed the celebration of Epiphany with us on boat #Notos_Sailing

 Merry Christmas to all!

Sailing with 27kts w-sw wind

New Notos

It looks like new Notos, does not it?

Approaching Santorini

That's really enjoyable good-bye trip! Approaching Santorini we met these amazing creatures who wished nice trips to Notos, which from now on will be travelling here!


16 years together and now it is time to say good-bye! Leaving now and back in one week with the new boat!

Smelling summer!

Smelling summer here in the south although mountain peaks are still white! 


It is November, and we are still sailing!! Today dolphins had fun with us!


Just sailing with the boat "Notos"